This is Ernie Sochin...columnist for Community Newspapers and author of "When I Was Your Age"

Imagine being able to call whoever you want by simply dialing their phone number! No more waiting for an operator but you still might have to wait for 'the other party' to hang up

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This is it! The book that goes back to the future and shows how things have changed in a very short time!"When I Was Your Age" ... Available on Amazon, Kindle or direct by e-mail... 

Just imagine: no monthly charges, no fees and vitually trouble free operation!   AVAILABLE SOON! Click here..


Remember when you got to watch a "double feature' news, and a serial like Don Winslow? All for around 25¢ REMEMBER THIS? ...


Soon you will be able to watch a movie from the comfort of your own car, sneak kids in  free in the trunk and/or bring your favorite girl/boy friend to make out. Bring your own food too! Changes records..almost 1/2 hour of music!

Watch this preview of things to come. Imagine.. music in your own home

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All of you Nikon, Hasselblad & Canon fans have been missing the latest thing in photography. This device actually records your photos on film for re use later. Ideal for "Selfies" and many other photo wonders. Ask your photo supplier for the latest thing... the BOX CAMERA . Watch this demo...

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Available now on Amazon and Kindle 

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